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DGM provides a wide variety of publications solutions worldwide such as Dangerous Goods Regulations, CD´s, dangerous goods posters, manuals and others.
DGM is regionally recognized as an IATA Publications Sales Agent.

Paper Manuals
9063-60DGR Spiral Bound Manual English
9065-60DGR English, Normal Bound
eDGR Software for windows (Download key)
9674-60eDGR Software Download – En.
9514-60eDGR Floating License – En.
9620-60DGR Spiral Compliance Kit (English Only) – 1
9621-60DGR English Compliance Kit – 1
9625-60DGR Shipper Combo – 3
1. Includes: DGR Spiral (9620-59) or manual (9621-59), DGR Download Key, DGR Quick Reference Guide, DGR Folded Cargo Poster, DGR Quick Reference Guide Card.
3. Includes: DGR Manual & DGR Quick Reference Guide.
LBSG Products
9726-60Lithium Battery Shipping Guidelines Printed Manual – En.
9678-60Lithium Battery Shipping Guidelines Download – En.
9667-60Lithium Battery Shipping Guidelines Floating License – En.
Other DGR Products
9052-15Infectious Substances Shipping Guidelines 2017/2018 (Printed Manual)
8540-15Infectious Substances Shipping Guidelines 2017/2018 Software
9645-15DGR Quick Reference Guide (Single unit) order >10 units
9582-01Shipping Medical Radioactive Material Awareness DVD
9648-60DGR Quick Reference Card – En.
Other Cargo Products
9103-07ULD Regulations Manual (ULDR) 2018 – Printed Manual English
9965-03Cargo Handling Manual
9893-07Temperature Control Regulations Manual 2018 (TCR) – Printed Manual
9526-18Perishable Cargo Regulations Manual (PCR) 2018 – Printed Manual
9105-45Live Animals Regulations Manual (LAR) 2018 – Printed Manual
Other eCargo Products
9102-07ULD Regulations (eULDR) 2018 Download – English
9881-07Temperature Control Regulations (eTCR) 2018 – Download
9572-18Perishable Cargo Regulations (ePCR) 2018 – Download
9522-07PCR/TCR Download COMBO
9967-03IATA Cargo Handling Manual (ICHM)
9144-45Live Animals Regulations (eLAR) 2018 – Download En.
7763-07Cargo Claims and Loss Prevention Handbook CD-Rom (ECCHB)
9157-39Cargo Services Conference Resolution Manual (eCSCRM)
9160-41Cargo Agency Conference Resolution Manual (eCACRM)
9145-07eULDR Floating License
9882-07eTCR Floating License
9570-18ePCR Floating License
9140-45LAR Floating License En.
9099-39Airport Handling Manual, Book
9340-37Airport Handling Manual (eAHM) CD-Rom 2017
9340-38Airport Handling Manual Mobile version 2018
9405-39Airport Handling Manual (AHM) CD-Rom 2017
9405-38Airport Handling Manual (AHM) book & Windows software 2018
9399-08IATA Ground Operations Manual (IGOM)
9400-06IATA Ground Operations Manual CD-Rom 2017
9400-07IATA Ground Operations Manual Mobile version 2018
9401-06IATA Ground Operations Manual (IGOM) combo Book and CD-Rom 2017
9401-08IATA Ground Operations Manual (IGOM) combo Book and Windows software 2018
9403-39AHM & IGOM combo book
9570-17AHM & IGOM combo book & Windows software 2018
Other Products
9011-62World Air Transport Statistics (WATS) electronic version
9443-62World Air Transport Statistics (WATS) book
IK200EIMDG Code 2016 Edition Amendment 38-16 (2 volumes)
II210EIMDG Code 2014 Supplement – English
DK200EIMDG Code CD-Rom 2016 – English
9284ICAO Technical Instruction for the Safe Transport of DG by Air – 2017/2018
9284SUSupplement for ICAO Technical Instruction for the Safe Transport of DG by Air – 2017/2018
9481ICAO Emergency Response Guide for the Aircraft Incidents Involving DG – 2017/2018
UN-ADR & General UN Publications
ADR Book
ADR Book & CD-Rom
Orange Book – UN Model Regulations
Manual of Tests and Criteria
CD-Rom Orange Book + test Criteria, Incl Amendment 1
Purple Book – UN Global Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS)
CD-Rom Combined: Purple Book + Orange Book + Test Criteria Uk & FR

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