The DGM organization (since 1987) is devoted to training, consulting and to any other service related to safety in production, storage, handling & transport of dangerous goods in any class and any mode of transport.

All of DGM’s activities are performed in accordance with the global safety standards; the rules and regulations of IATA/ICAO – IMO – ADR – RID, for the safe handling and transport of hazardous goods.

DGM is qualified to prepare and sign Shipper’s Declarations for air transport on behalf of shippers and/or freight forwarders. DGM also arranges ADR or IMDG paperwork for dangerous goods which are shipped as air cargo, but are carried by road on airline air waybills, or which must connect to ferry services (IATA/ICAO rules, versus ADR road, versus the IMO/IMDG maritime rules & regulations)

The “E license “a legal entity which, instead of private persons, institutes or other legal entities, acts as shipper and packer, and assumes all relevant legal responsibilities of the original shipper”

DGM qualified and was awarded with the first “E” – excellent –license by Minister of Transport in the Netherlands in 1998. The “E” license empowers DGM to act on behalf of the actual shipper but assuming his legal liabilities. Nowadays the “E” license, the nucleus of DGM’s global services, forms the basic of the many DGM companies around the world.

DGM Support (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (676117-U) was incorporated on 23rd December 2004 and holds comprehensives licenses for training, packing, handling and transport of any hazard class of dangerous goods by sea, land and air.

DGM now has a network in over forty over countries. DGM Support (M) is a part of the big DGM network, as a service provider to forwarders, shippers and airlines all over Malaysia.

As a part of the DGM network, DGM Support (M) will provide similar up to date services, professional consultation service, packaging of dangerous goods and completion of dangerous goods declarations for air and sea transportation.

The company is now regularly consulted by forwarding agent and shippers for technical assistance and cargo inspections. We offer competitive rates, expertise and on time delivery.