To facilitate an appropriate management of dangerous goods transport, the DGM Network provides a wide range of products such as: Materials (UN Packaging, labels, marks, etc.), specific Software for dangerous goods, legal and technical publications, Safety and Security equipment

All of them are continuously tested by our own DGM employees in daily activities.


Dangerous Goods Materials

DGM offers high quality packing materials and accessories to guarantee that your shipment arrives safely to its destination according to Dangerous Goods Regulations.

DGM supplies following DG Materials:

  • UN Certified Packing Materials: single, intermediate and outer packages in all shapes and forms for any class/division.
  • Absorbent Materials
  • Hazard Labels and Marks: wide variety of fully compliant hazard labels for all classes
  • Excepted Quantities and Limited Quantities Marks
  • Additional Marks

Proper packaging is one, labeling is something else. All labels and marks need to comply with strict requirements. DGM can advise you which ones you need and off course is able to supply you with all types of labels and marks.


> Wooden Crating – Please contact us


> Intermediate Packaging

1L Plastic Bottle
5L Plastic Bottle
5L Plastic Pail
5L Metal Can


> Absorbent Material

Mid Pack
Absorbent Mat


> Hazard and Handling Labels



> Other’s

Dry Ice
Gel Pack


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